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The average age of an African is 19, in South Africa 25. Understanding this demographic is paramount, within this youth demographic lies massive latent potential that can add value to your organisation through the following areas: 1. Labour force, 2. Understanding shifting culture & 3. Behaviour spending power

Your success as a company is increasingly reliant in your ability to understand, service and partner with the youth.

The notion of the fourth industrial revolution is the current trend, however many have minimal understanding of how it will impact labour, capital and businesses themselves. We looked at the facts, trends analysis. Most African countries are still operating with the developments of the second and third industrial revolution. The technology boom, which is largely driven by minerals found here, offer us the opportunity to leapfrog.

*Let us partner, to provide you with market leading research that will position your company as a market leader.  

Intrinsic to the African culture is dialogue.  Dialogue that affords leading minds to meet and engage in safe and moderated spaces that encourage solution driven thinking.  Part of the pertinent conversations is the notion of work-life balance dying and being replaced by work-life integration.  Toxic work cultures are pushing out good talent. Organisational purpose and social impact are taking preference over profit as key motives for people in deciding where to work.

Let’s us help you reimagined your culture in order to ensure the sustainability of your company while keeping good talent that adds value.

Sectors of focus

Public sector, Civil Society & Private sector

The Team

Kenneth Diole

"Africa as the last frontier, needs contextually relevant insights that will inform its developmental agenda. Development that will be centred around inclusive growth, shared value, and youth participation."

Aqeel Wadee

"From one of the fastest growing mobile markets on the globe, to innovative use of technology to solve agricultural problems, Africa is seeing a new wave of development. If there is any time to be a part of the project of African development, it is now."

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